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Revolutionary and Civil War Resources
1.New York in the War of the Rebellion 1861-1865 - The most exhaustive record ever recorded of the role of New York in the Civil War - 5 Volumes Plus an Index, 4499 pgs total. Published by the NY State Adjutant General's Office, 1912, compiled by Frederick Phisterer - A monumental achievement in Civil War research now on an affordable, searchable CD.
2.Battles and Leaders of The Civil War 7 Complete, Searchable Publications on One CD:Battles and Leaders of the Civil War (Vols. 1-4) PLUS Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, Pictorial Edition.Real facts about the battles, leaders etc. - lavish illustrations, maps, etc.This is truly one of the most informative and historic Civil War archival collections ever assembled on one CD.
3.The Photographic History of the Civil War Complete 10 Volume set on One CD in Searchable pdf: These volumes contain an American epic told in actual photographs.The ten volumes contain thousands of scenes photographed between 1861-65 by Matthew B. Brady and many others. Each volume is divided into sections or chapters with articles written by many special authorities on the Civil War edited by Francis Trevelyan Miller (1911-12). 3,629 Photographs taken in the war between 1861-65 accompanied by additional text that identifies people, places or situations plus a wealth of information and reference making this a must have set for any Civil War historian.All ten volumes share a subject, place and surname index. The collection of photographs is in itself an invaluable contribution to military and historical record.The military movements of the Armies and Navies were studied extensively to properly stage the great scenes that are presented in these volumes. This collection also includes a chronological summary and record of historical events and of important engagements of the Union and Confederate Army and Navy.These volumes provide a unique opportunity to see the realities of a war that tore a country apart, not just read about the battles, soldiers and statistics.Details
4.Massachusetts soldiers, sailors, and marines in the Civil War - 1861 to 1865: By Massachusetts Adjutant-general's office, Norwood Press, 1931.The compilation contains the names of all the men who served in Massachusetts units during the Civil War. There is a short history of the regiment followed by the names of the men. The details for each man named in the record are: full name, rank, home, age, occupation, date of service and discharge, and reason for discharge. Mr. Cross was the last of three editors and it was he who completed the monumental task. Together, the military records in these 8 volumes plus Index Volime,reference approximately 140,000 individuals, nearly all men who served in Massachusetts units during the Civil War. Chapter 475 of Massachusetts' Acts of 1899 provided for the compilation and publication of a complete record of Massachusetts soldiers, sailors, and Marines who served in the Civil War. Civil War veterans began the work of compilation which lasted for nearly thirty years and involved the examination and replication of over one million records. Compilers found records on original enlistment papers, muster-in rolls, descriptive rolls, town reports, casualty lists, monthly reports, hospital records, muster-out reports, and miscellaneous papers.
These files contain images of every page of the original eight Volumes Plus Index Volume of one of the most valuable genealogy resources available. Reprints of these books will cost hundreds of dollars and the complete set (if found available) would cost a thousand. In contrast, the CD version weighs one-half ounce, is easier to search and is available for a far more affordable price.
5.Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War : This is a complete searchable pdf version of the seventeen-volume set of Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War by Secretary of the Commonwealth ( Boston: Wright& Potter Printing, State Printers, 1896 - "An indexed compilation of the records of the Massachusetts soldiers and sailors who served in the Revolutionary War, as shown in the archives in the office of the Secretary." This detailed reference was compiled from a card record index, which originally comprised over six hundred and twenty thousand cards.Complete sets are scarce and with this CD you can have the whole reference in your home.
Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War is a compilation of service records for all Massachusetts men who are documented to have performed war service between 1775 and 1783.The task of compiling its 17 volumes was begun as a result of the General Court’s 1891 legislation calling for an indexed list of Revolutionary War service. The work commenced that same year and the volumes were successively published between1896 and 1908. The result was approximately 688,000 entries.
The State of Maine was still apart of Massachusetts during the American Revolution. Consequently this set actually contains information about soldiers and sailors from both Massachusetts and what is now Maine as well as various Rhode Island regiments and the First New York Regiment. Details
6.Record of Connecticut Men in the Military and Naval Service During the War of the Revolution, 1775-1783 - 780 fact filed pages containing almost all data stiil available in 1889 pertaining to Connecticut men and their participation in the Revolution. Some included - original minutes of the General Assembly and Governor's office, original rolls, pay rolls, accounts, diaries, maps, the papers of George Washington and Connecticut Revolutionary governor John Trumbull, and numerous other collections both privately and publicly held. Personnel records are arranged by military unit and there under by date and rank, commencing with the men who volunteered in response to the Lexington Alarm of 1775 and continuing with Connecticut troops in the Continental Army state troops or levies, the Connecticut militia, Connecticut naval units, and miscellaneous rolls and pension lists. Supplementing the rosters themselves are lists of Connecticut pensioners found in the 1818 and 1840 U.S. pension lists;1889, 780 Pages Details
7.History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers 1861-1865, Volumes 1 through 5 : Volume 1 has two color front is illustrations, Volume 2 has one, and the other volumes have one black and white frontis each. Volume 1 has an additional folding map after the preface. All maps and Sketches are full size and in color as presented in the original volumes.
The main body of the volumes consists of lists of the volunteers arranged by unit with details; name, date of muster and other salient information. Without doubt, a striking five-volume set and a important contribution to the literature of the American Civil War.
Bates History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers is the most comprehensive set of volumes ever created on the men from Pennsylvania who served in the Civil War. If you have an ancestor who served in PA in this time period, you will find him here. Each regiment listing includes a history of the unit broken down into individual companies and soldiers. Information includes name, rank, date of muster into service, length of service, and remarks that can include discharge date, transfers, desertions, promotions with date, death date and place, burial date and place, and many other tidbits valuable to the genealogical researcher. Also includes all colored regiments.
These disks contain images of every page of the original five volumes of one of the most valuable genealogy resources available. Reprints of these books will cost hundreds of dollars and the complete set (if found available) much more. In contrast, the CD version weighs one-half ounce, is easier to search and is available for a far more affordable price.
8.Diaries, Journals & Records of CONFEDERATE Soldiers - Twelve Publications ofDiaries, Memoirs, Journals, Registers and records of Confederate soldiers and their Regiments.

These Collection CDs are now available - most containing many separate publications.
New York City and vicinity during the war of 1812-1815 Military Records of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine Regiments
Long Island Descendants in the Daughters of the American Revolution Military Records of the Indiana Volunteers
ISLIP Town, Suffolk County, New York -Those who served in World War II - 780 Pages
Military Records of the New Jersey Volunteers Military Records of the Michigan Volunteers

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