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Note on Text Contents

Current State Resources Available on CD - Counties and locales
    1.  Alabama - 18 Historical and Genealogical References
    2.  California - Covering 14 Counties of California
    3.  Connecticut - Cty, Town, St & Military Resources
    4.  Idaho - 7 Complete Publications
    5.  Illinois 13 Complete Publications
    6.  Iowa - 18 Complete Publications 
    7.  Indiana - County, Town, State & Military  Resources
    8.  Kansas - 15 Complete Publications
    9.  Maine - 14 Seperate Publications on One CD
    10.  Maryland - 14 Seperate Publications on One CD
    11.Massachusetts - 13 Seperate Publications on One CD
    12. Michigan -County, Town, State & Military Resources
    13. Minnesota - County, Town, State & Military Resources
    14. Mississippi - 15 Complete Searchable Publications
    15. Missouri - 14 Complete Publications
    16. New Jersey- 26 Complete Publication
    17. New York - OVER 100 Different CDs
    18. North Carolina - 2 GREAT CDs over 10,000 Pgs each
    19. Ohio - 5 Different CDs available
    20. Pennsylvania - 6 Complete Publications
    21. Rhode Island - Cty, Town, St & Military Resources
    22. South Dakota - 5 Complete Publications
    23. Tennessee - A history of Tennessee and Tennesseans
    24. Texas - 18 Complete Publications
    25.  Utah - 7 Complete Publications
    26. Vermont - County, State & Military  Resources
    27. Virginia - 10 Seperate Publications on One CD

Regional Collections: Available at Significant Savings over the cost the the Individual CDs
1. The Capital Region Of New York State - 4 CDs
The Hudson Valley Region Of NY State - 6 CDs
The Thousand Island Region Of NY State - 3 CDs
4. Delaware River Region - 5 CDs
5. Skylands Region - 5 CDs

Other Theme CDsby Topic

NEW:  Genealogy and History of New England's Founding Families - 6 Complete Searchable Publications on one CD
Surname Reference Collections - Currently 85 Major  Surnames are highlighted with a Reference Collection of their own. Each containing at least one and in most cases several essential research text.  Anyone doing serious family history research on any of the surnames will immediately recognize the titles and their research importance.
Early American JEWISH History and Genealogy - 15 publications on early U.S.A. Jewish History and Vital

American Indian Resource CDs - Long Island Indian History as well as additional more Famous Indian chiefs and their heroic deeds and tales.

ROYAL Lineage Resources - TWELVE COMPLETE Texts dating back to 1705 as well as Six Royal Family trees!
Diaries, Journals & Records of CONFEDERATE Soldiers - Twelve Publications of  Diaries, Memoirs, Journals, Registers and records of Confederate soldiers and their  Regiments.
Narratives from American SLAVES - 1643 Pages of Real live Information and experience
Freemasonry in the United States - 10 Reference Works from 7 States References on - Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island.
Witches, Astrologists, Sorceresses &Prophets - The witches of NY a faithful revelation and exposition of the doings of all the principal astrologists, sorceresses, prophets, clairvoyants, witches, planet readers, and other votaries of the black art in the city of NY  - 1858
German, Swiss, Dutch & French Immigrants In PA & NJ A collection of over 30,000 names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727-1776 : names of ships, whence they sailed, and the date of their arrival at Philadelphia, also lists of more than one thousand German and French names in New York and New Brunswick, New Jersey.
Canadian RegionalGenealogical And Historical Collection CDs - Provinces,  regional collections of Historic research value!
American Genealogy, a reference collection on CD -  3 Complete publications - covering a history of some of the early settlers of North America and their descendants PLUS hundreds of pages of other relevant information.
Personal Stories and Histories of America's Woman Pioneers-Pioneer mothers, wives,their lives, stories and Heroic deeds that helped make America the wonderful country it is today.
The diary of a young officer:  serving with the armies of the United States during the War of the Rebellion.  This Book is a wonderful first hand story through the eyes of a young officer - his thoughts, observations and concerns.  A MUST for any student of the "War of the Rebellion."
Genealogy and History of the Huguenots of NY, NJ and Mass. -  9 Wonderful publications on one CD in searchable format
American by Choice - Early Italian Americans - 3 Complete Searchable Publications on one CD: The Italians in Chicago: a study in Americanization, Leading Americans of Italian descent in Massachusetts, History of the Italians in Utica, Americans by choice. 1854 Gazetteer of the United States - Giving a comprehensive review of the present condition, industry, and resources of the American Confederacy: embracing, also, important topographical, statistical, and historical information from recent and original sources; together with the results of the Census of 1850, and population and statistics in many cases to 1853,Lippincott, Grambo & Co., Thomas Baldwin & J. Thomas, M.D., 1854
The Draper Manuscript Calendar Series, 6 Volumes - One of the Most Famous Collections of Historical Records of the Revolution and the Westward Expansion available anywhere. Pirates and Buccaneers of Early American History -     3 Complete Text on ONE CD, Aside from being WONDERFUL reading these text are great genealogical and historicalreferences with a plethora of names, places and events.
Classic Text Collection on Human Anatomy and Biology - FOUR Complete, searchable text exactly as originally published.  All pages scanned in gray scale to preserve images in original detail.  PLUS a color pdf containing collected Anatomical Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.


Individual Text Contents
Our CD description pages are designed to list the individual text that are oneach CD. Since so many of our CDscontain multiple text it is impossible to itemize the contents of each text on the CD. If you would like a copy of theContents page(s) from any individual text just email us with the request and wewill email a pdf copy as soon as possible.

Additionally we recommend you usethe links below to research the text and help you ascertain thecontents.

Family History Library
Library of Congress
New York Public Library

Mayflower and Pilgrim Genealogy

MAYFLOWER Descendant Genealogy and History Collection - TWENTY historical works on the Pilgrims of New England


"What does it mean to make a CD searchable (OCRed)?"

This a common question and I apologize for assuming it to be an obvious answer.  Once again it is a case of someone assuming what is an everyday technology to them being general knowledge.

    First I must make sure you know exactly what a pdf (Adobe) file is.  PDF files are made up of individual pages.  Each page is a separate image much like a photograph.  Just as a photograph any words within the image (individual page) is not recognized by the computer as text but as an image.  It may appear to you as a file within a word processor file but the two are totally different.  As a standard pdf file the individual pages cannot be searched because the text on the page cannot be recognized in it's raw form. 
    When a pdf file is rendered searchable it is run through a program which analyzes each page and interprets the image looking for text.  It then recognized the letters as words and forms a second lawyer under each page containing the words it has recognized by examining the page image.  It is that layer that is then searched.  Obviously the search will only be as successful as the conversion.  In other words if the program that examined the individual pages was not able to recognize the letters within a word it could not convert that word into a search result.  Besides the possibility of conversion recognition error the other potential problem is the resulting file will be larger.  This really does not effect you as a user but as a programer it can sometimes limit the amount of files I can put on a CD - I can place many more unindexed files on a CD then indexed.
    Once a file is indexed the search process is easy.  It works very much like a web search.  After opening the file in Adobe Reader click on the search option in the menu bar at the top.  A search box will open.  Write in any word you wish to find and hit search.  A result list will appear as soon as the pages are scanned with the word you searched highlighted and linked to the resulting pages.  This option is extremely helpful as it means you can search an entire text in minutes without actually having to read the complete text.  However, it should be used as a first process and then a closer examination of the text is recommended.  The reason for that is the accuracy rate of the indexing is still under 100%.  I hope this makes it a little clearer.

Good luck in your research and if you have any other questions please feel free to use the email link on this page.   NOTE to those more experience reading this explanation - this explanation is written simply in order to help explain a difficult process for some to understand.  It is not meant to be technically interpreted!!

In order to use the indexed files, as with almost all pdf files on these CDs, you must have the newest version of Adobe Reader.  It can be downloaded from Adobe at no charge at

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