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The Chronicles of America Extra-Illustrated Edition 50 Complete Volumes
The Chronicles of America Series is dedicated to presenting the main facts surrounding American history and the interesting historical stories behind civilization in America.
Extra Illustrated Edition - Black and White images as well as Full Color maps,
Fifty volumes plus "The Yale Course of Home Study based on The Chronicles of America"

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Contents - 50 Complete Volumes as described
1. The Chronicles of America: By various authors. Edited by Allen Johnson. Yale University Press, New Haven. 1921, fold-out maps, Fifty volumes plus "The Yale Course of Home Study based on The Chronicles of America" by Ralph H. Gabriel and Arthur B. Darling, 1924.
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The Chronicles of America - Individual Volumes
Volume 1 Red Man's Continent is a chronicle of aboriginal America and discusses the facts about the geographical environment of American history. Special stress has been laid on certain broad phases of geography which are comparatively unfamiliar, and the influence of geographical conditions upon the life of the primitive Indians has been emphasized.
Volume 2 Spanish Conquerors is a chronicle of the dawn of empire overseas.
Volume 3 Elizabethan Sea- Dogs is a chronicle of Drake and his companions who, during the reign of Elizabeth, won the command of the seas under the leadership of Sir Francis Drake, the first of modern admirals.
Volume 4 Crusaders of New France is a chronicle of the fleur-de-lis in the wilderness.
Volume 5 Pioneers of the Old South is a chronicle of English colonial beginnings.
Volume 6 Fathers of New England contains a chronicle of the Puritan Commonwealths.
Volume 7 Dutch and English on the Hudson is a chronicle of colonial New York from the early traders and settlers to the colonial government in the 18th century.
Volume 8 The Quaker Colonies contains a chronicle of the proprietors of the Delaware. This treatise discusses the birth of Pennsylvania, the beginnings of New Jersey and little Delaware.
Volume 9 Colonial Folkways is a chronicle of American life in the reign of the Georges.
Volume 10 Conquest of New France contains a chronicle of the colonial wars from the opening to the fall of Canada.
Volume 11 The Eve of the Revolution includes a chronicle of the breach with England. This treatise conveys to the reader a sense of how the men felt about what they did.
Volume 12 In Washington and His Comrades in Arms, the reader will find a chronicle of the War of Independence, written by a Briton who states he alone is responsible for the opinions found in this monograph.
Volume 13 The Fathers of the Constitution is a chronicle of the establishment of the Union.
Volume 14 Washington and His Colleagues contains a chronicle of the rise and fall of Federalism.
Volume 15 Jefferson and His Colleagues includes a chronicle of the Virginia dynasty, discussing such topics as the corsairs of the Mediterranean, war hawks and President Madison under fire.
Volume 16 John Marshall and the Constitution is a chronicle of the Supreme Court.
Volume 17 In The Fight For A Free Sea the reader will find a chronicle of the War of 1812.
Volume 18 Pioneers of the Old Southwest, the reader will find a chronicle of the dark and bloody ground, which is a narrative founded largely on original sources, that being the writings and journals of pioneers and contemporary observers, and on the public documents of the period as printed in the colonial records and in the American archives.
Volume 19 The Old Northwest contains a chronicle of the Ohio Valley and beyond.
Volume 20 The Reign of Andrew Jackson contains a chronicle of the frontier in politics.
Volume 21 The Paths of Inland Commerce is a chronicle of trail, road and waterway, which revolves around the theme of American transportation, a vital factor in the national development of the United States.
Volume 22 In the Adventures Of Oregon the reader will find a chronicle of the fur trade.
Volume 23 The Spanish Borderlands is a chronicle of old Florida and the Southwest. It tells of Spanish pathfinders and pioneers in the regions between Florida and California over which Spain held sway for centuries.
Volume 24 Texas and the Mexican War contains a chronicle of the winning of the Southwest.
Volume 25 The Forty-Niners lends the reader a chronicle of the California Trail and El Dorado or the search for gold.
Volume 26 The Passing of the Frontier is a chronicle of the Old West, including cattle trails, the range, mines, Indian wars and homesteaders.
Volumes 27 The Cotton Kingdom is a treatise of the Old South, including cotton magnates, social philosophy of the cotton planter and religion and education.
Volume 28 The Anti-Slavery Crusade is a chronicle of the gathering storm with regard to the anti-slavery movement, underground railroad and slavery in politics.
Volume 29 Abraham Lincoln and the Union is a chronicle of the embattled North, discussing the pertinent facts relative to why there was a war and was the Lincoln government successful, and to make clear their relations in the historical sequence of cause and effect.
Volume 30 In The Day of the Confederacy the reader will find a chronicle of the embattled south.
Volume 31 Captains of the Civil War is a chronicle of the Blue and the Gray, a book of warriors, through and through.
Volume 32 The Sequel of Appomattox contains a chronicle of the reunion of the States.
Volume 33 The American Spirit in Education is a chronicle of great teachers, discussing the beginnings of the school system and the great people who made education an important part of the infant United States.
Volume 34 In American Spirit in Literature the reader will find a chronicle dealing with great interpreters.
Volume 35 Our Foreigners contains a chronicle of Americans in the making, discussing immigration.
Volume 36 The Old Merchant Marine, the reader will find a chronicle of American ships and sailors, such as Yankee vikings, packet ships and the stately clipper.
Volume 37 The Age of Invention contains a chronicle of mechanical conquest, which is not intended to be a complete record of inventive genius and mechanical progress in the United States. This narrative outlines the personalities of some of the outstanding American inventors and indicates the significance of their achievements.
Volume 38 The Railroad Builders, the reader will find a chronicle of the welding of the States through the construction of railroads across America.
Volume 39 In The Age Of Big Business the reader will find a chronicle of the captains of industry, including the telephone, epic of steel, development of public utilities and the automobile.
Volume 40 The Armies of Labor is a chronicle of the organized wage earners.
Volume 41 The Masters of Capital contains a chronicle of Wall Street from the rise of the House of Morgan to Wall Street and the World War.
Volume 42 In The New South the reader will find a chronicle discussing social and industrial evolution in the South.
Volume 43 The Boss and the Machine contains a chronicle of the politicians and party organization, discussing how the party system is an essential instrument of democracy.
Volume 44 The Cleveland Era, the reader will find a chronicle of the New Order in politics from a transition period to law and order upheld.
Volume 45 The Agrarian Crusade is a chronicle of the farmer in politics, which is an attempt to sketch the course and to reproduce the spirit of the agrarian crusade from its inception with the Granger movement, through the Greenback and Populist phases, to a climax in the battle for free silver.
Volume 46 In The Path Of Empire the reader will find a chronicle discussing the United States as a world power in the Path of Empire.
Volumes 47 Theodore Roosevelt and His Times is a chronicle of the progressive movement, discussing Roosevelt as a young fighter to the last four years.
Volume 48 Woodrow Wilson and the World War contains a chronicle of our own times and the presidency of Woodrow Wilson.
Volume 49 In The Canadian Dominion the reader will find a chronicle on our northern neighbor in which the author arranges the historical matter in chronological divisions of fifty year periods.
Volume 50 Hispanic Nations of the New World, the reader will find a chronicle of our southern neighbors, including Mexico and South American Republics.

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