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The public records of the colony of Connecticut - 15 Volumes

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The public records of the colony of Connecticut - 15 Volumes: By J Hammond Trumbell, Hartford Conn, Originally Publishered Brown and Parsons, 1850, 9319 Pages: Volumes I - III edited by J. Hammond Trumbull; Volumes IV - XV edited by Charles J. Hoadly.

These books list births, marriages, and deaths but also contain a lot more information of interest to genealogists and historians alike. "The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut" is rich in historical, social, economic, political, and cultural data relating to the colony of Connecticut. For example, users can find information on what types of punishments were handed down to lawbreakers in 17th century Connecticut, what people were growing on their farms, and what was happening in Connecticut during the dawn of the American Revolution.
"The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut, from April 1636 to October 1776" is a very extensive collection of records from the towns of Connecticut and the colonial legislature. Researchers in the nineteenth century painstakingly transcribed documents from original manuscripts and then created the pages of these books with handset type. The results were printed as a collection of fifteen volumes, totaling thousands of pages. The first volume was published in 1850 with the final volume becoming available in 1890.
In the past, there have been some difficulties for genealogists who wanted to use this wealth of material. First of all, there are very few copies of "The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut, from April 1636 to October 1776" in existence. Purchasing new copies of this 15 volume, 150-year old publication is almost impossible. A few reprint companies might produce copies, but the price tag would be well beyond the reach of private individuals and probably more than what most public libraries could spend. As a result, these large printed volumes are only found in libraries within Connecticut plus a few major genealogy libraries around the country.
The images are presented in Adobe’s popular Acrobat format, normally referred to as "PDF files." All that is needed to view the images is Adobe’s free Acrobat software for Windows, Macintosh, or Linux. Not only are the images easy to read on the screen, but youcan also print them on a local printer. In addition all 15 Volumes have been made text searchable through Adobes Acrobat search feature.
"The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut, from April 1636 to October 1776" has long been recognized as a standard research reference for early Connecticut families. Keep in mind, however, that these are still transcribed copies of original handwriting. As such, the records are subject to errors in the same manner as any other secondary sources. Researchers interested in using primary sources are advised to consult the originals in the State Archives at the Connecticut State Library whenever possible..

Periods Covered in individual Volumes are listed below
Volume I Prior to the union with New Haven Colony, May, 1665
Volume II From 1665 to 1678, with the journal of the Council of War, 1675 to 1678
Volume III May, 1678-June, 1689, with notes and an appendix comprising such documents from the state archives and other sources as illustrate the history of the colony during the administration of Sir Edmund Andros
Volume IV From August, 1689 to May, 1706
Volume V From October, 1706 to October, 1716, with the Council journal from October, 1710 to February, 1717
Volume VI From May, 1717 to October, 1725 with the Council journal from May, 1717 to April, 1726
Volume VII From May, 1726 to May, 1735
Volume VIII From October, 1735 to October, 1743
Volume IX From May, 1744 to November, 1750
Volume X From May, 1751 to February, 1757
Volume XI From May, 1757 to March, 1762
Volume XII From May, 1762 to October, 1767
Volume XIII From May, 1768 to May, 1772
Volume XIV From October, 1772 to April, 1775
Volume XV From May, 1775 to June, 1776 ... with the journal of the Council of Safety from June 7, 1775 to October 2, 1776 and an appendix containing some Council proceedings, 1663-1710

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