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Vital Records Collection from Columbia County, New York
ELEVEN  Publications with over 2080 pages of information

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CD Contents
  11 Complete Searchable Publications on one CD
1.  Deaths copied from the Rural repository : published in Hudson, N.Y.unknown, 1949-1951,Wiles, Harriett M. 238  pgs. 
2.  Marriages and deaths from the Northern Whig, published in Hudson, N.Y., 1823-1828 : typescript, Wiles, Harriett M.1952, 29  pgs.Typescript (copy); includes marriages and deaths published in the northern whig from 1823 to 1828.        
3.  Gravestone inscriptions of the Hudson City cemetery, Hudson, Columbia County, N.Y. New York,: Cohen, Minnie, 1936-1937, 293  pgs. 
4.  Calendar of wills of Columbia County, New York New York:  Barber, Gertrude A, 1935-1936, 717  pgs. 
5.  Gravestone inscriptions of the Village Cemetery, Hillsdale, rear of Herrington and Bell houses N. Hillsdale, Old Cemetery, Hillsdale, Lutheran Cemetery, Hillsdale, north end of the town Old Cemetery, Hillsdale, Harlemville Cemetery, Harlemville, Methodist Episcopal churchyard, North Hillsdale, Methodist Episcopal churchyard, Copake, West Copake Reformed Church Cemetery, West Copake, Chatham Rural Cemetery, Chatham : all in Columbia County, N.Y. New York,: Cohen, Minnie, 1938, 192  pgs. 
6.  Gravestone inscriptions of the Boston Corners Cemetery, Boston Corners, Union Cemetery, Ancram, Old Cemetery, Ancram, Vedder Church Cemetery, Gallatinville, Niver Cemetery, Craryville, Martindale Cemetery, Martindale : all in Columbia County, N.Y.  Cohen, Minnie, 1939, 104  pgs. 
7.  Gravestone inscriptions of Columbia County, New York, New York,: Cohen, Minnie, 1936, 290  pgs. 
8.  Cemetery records of Old Orchard Cemetery, Hillsdale, Columbia County, N.Y. : typescript, 1934, Wiles, Harriett M. 8  pgs. Typescript (copy); includes cemetery records from Old Orchard Cemetery and North Hillsdale Cemetery.
9.  Gravestone inscriptions of the Esselstyne Farm on road from Martindale to Harlemville, Harlemville Methodist Cemetery, Harlemville, St. Peter's Methodist Cemetery, Spencertown, Red Rock Rural Cemetery, Red Rock, Canaan, Park and Jenkins family cemetery, Canaan, Jones Farm, Jenkins family cemetery, Canaan, New Concord Cemetery, New Concord, Austerlitz Cemetery, Austerlitz, Green River Cemetery, Green River, Craryville Cemetery, leading from Reformed Dutch Church, Craryville, Presbyterian Cemetery, Craryville, West Taghkanic Methodist Cemetery, West Taghkanic, Old Williams Cemetery, on road between Hillsdale and Copake : all in Columbia County, N.Y. New York,: Cohen, Minnie, 1939, 128  pgs. 
10.  Inscriptions from graveyards in the northern part of Columbia County, New York, in the vicinity of Chatham, New Britain, Malden Bridge, etc.  Phillips, Ralph David, 1936, 38  pgs. 
11.  Gravestone inscriptions of the cemetery adjoining the Reformed Church of Linlithgo, town of Livingston : Livingston Cemetery, opposite the Reformed Dutch Church, Livingston : Linlithgo Village Cemetery, situated on the dirt road from Livingston to Linlithgo : cemetery attached to the Livingston Memorial Chapel of the Reformed Church of Linlithgo : all in Columbia County, N.Y.  Cohen, Minnie 1941, 43  pgs. 

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