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Famous Men, Places and Families in the History of New York

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CD Contents
  2 Complete Searchable Publications on one CD
1.  Famous men and places in the history of New York City New York: Noble and Noble, Patterson, Samuel White, 248  pgs. 
Book Contents
New York then and now. An airplane view of New York
Our city's long story
The voyage of the Half Moon
A boy's story of Hudson's discovery
When the Dutch ruled New Amsterdam
Early days of Bowling Green
Later days in New Amsterdam
When the English came to New York
Bowling Green and the battery
The resting place of some famous Americans
The story of City Hall Park
A trip around City Hall Park
The Sons of Liberty on Golden Hill
McGown's pass in Central Park
The story of Nathan Hale
The battle on Harlem Plains
Washington's headquarters formerly called the Jumel Masion
The story of Fort George and Fort Washington
The story of Margaret Corbin
A great day at Fraunces Tavern
The Dyckman House and park
The blockhouse in Central Park
The Monroe House and why it is famous
The first trip up the Hudson by steamboat
The poet of Chelsea
The story of Samuel Morse
The story of Peter Cooper
The man who wrote Home, Sweet Home
How Irving Place got its name
The story of a lover of birds
A weak little boy who became President
A little girl who became the writer of a famous song
A trolley ride up Broadway
Eight miles on a bus
Riverside Drive by night
Six interesting buildings
Around Manhattan Island by boat
Borough of Brooklyn. The battlefield of Brooklyn
The Navy Yard in Brooklyn
Fort Greene Park
Where the Prison Martyrs are resting
Prospect Park and the Memorial Arch
Borough of the Bronx: The story of Throg's Neck and Fort Schuyler
Van Cortlandt Park and Mansion
Bronx Park
Bronx Park Museum and Flower Gardens
The animals in Bronx Park
The Lorillard Mansion in Bronx Park
Rodman Drake Park at Hunt's Point
Poe Cottage and Park in Fordham
Borough of Queens: The Browne House in flushing
Newtown and the Moore and De Witt Clinton Houses
The King Mansion in Jamaica
Borough of Richmond: Captain Billop's famous sail
A famous meeting at the Billop House
The story of Fort Tompkins and Fort Wadsworth
How five little girls saw New York
A pageant of New York--past, present, future 
2.  Famous families of New York : historical and biographical sketches of families which in successive generations have been identified with the development of the nation New York: Putnam, 1902, Hamm, Margherita Arlina, 647  pgs. 
Book Contents
Vol. I. I. Astor
Vol. I. II. Barclay
Vol. I. III. Beekman
Vol. I. IV. Brevoort
Vol. I. V. Clinton
Vol. I. VI. Cornell
Vol. I. VII. Cruger
Vol. I. VIII. Delafield
Vol. I. IX. De Lancey
Vol. I. X. De Peyster
Vol. I. XI. Duane
Vol. I. XII. Duer
Vol. I. XIII. Fish
Vol. I. XIV. Gardiner
Vol. I. XV. Hamilton
Vol. I. XVI. Hoffman
Vol. I. XVII. Jay
Vol. I. XVIII. King
Vol. I. XIX. Kip
Vol. I. XX. Lawrence
Vol. I. XXI. Lewis
Vol. II. XXII. Livingston
Vol. II. Title page
Vol. II. Front matter
Vol. II. Contents
Vol. II. XXIII. Morris
Vol. II. XXIV. Osgood
Vol. II. XXV. Potter
Vol. II. XXVI. Rapalje
Vol. II. XXVII. Remsen
Vol. II. XXVIII. Renwick
Vol. II. XXIX. Roosevelt
Vol. II. XXX. Rutgers
Vol. II. XXXI. Schermerborn
Vol. II. XXXII. Schuyler
Vol. II. XXXIII. Smith
Vol. II. XXXIV. Stuyvesant
Vol. II. XXXV. Tappen
Vol. II. XXXVI. Van Buren
Vol. II. XXXVII. Van Cortlandt
Vol. II. XXXVIII. Van Cott
Vol. II. XXXIX. Vanderbilt
Vol. II. XL. Van Rensselaer
Vol. II. XLI. Van Siclen
Vol. II. XLII. Wendell

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