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The Hudson Valley Region Of New York State
SPECIAL Bundle of SIX CDs (42 Text) Covering "The Hudson Valley Region of New York State"

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CD 1,
"Genealogy and History of COLUMBIA, New York"

Contents - 11 Searchable Text as described
1.  Deaths copied from the Rural respository : published in Hudson, N.Y.unknown, 1949-1951,Wiles, Harriett M. 238  pgs. 

2.  Marriages and deaths from the Northern whig, published in Hudson, N.Y., 1823-1828 : typescript, Wiles, Harriett M.1952, 29  pgs.Typescript (copy); includes marriages and deaths published in the northern whig from 1823 to 1828.
3.  Gravestone inscriptions of the Hudson City cemetery, Hudson, Columbia County, N.Y. New York,: Cohen, Minnie, 1936-1937, 293  pgs. 
4.  Calendar of wills of Columbia County, New York New York:  Barber, Gertrude A, 1935-1936, 717  pgs. 
5.  Gravestone inscriptions of the Village Cemetery, Hillsdale, rear of Herrington and Bell houses N. Hillsdale, Old Cemetery, Hillsdale, Lutheran Cemetery, Hillsdale, north end of the town Old Cemetery, Hillsdale, Harlemville Cemetery, Harlemville, Methodist Episcopal churchyard, North Hillsdale, Methodist Episcopal churchyard, Copake, West Copake Reformed Church Cemetery, West Copake, Chatham Rural Cemetery, Chatham : all in Columbia County, N.Y. New York,: Cohen, Minnie, 1938, 192  pgs. 
6.  Gravestone inscriptions of the Boston Corners Cemetery, Boston Corners, Union Cemetery, Ancram, Old Cemetery, Ancram, Vedder Church Cemetery, Gallatinville, Niver Cemetery, Craryville, Martindale Cemetery, Martindale : all in Columbia County, N.Y.  Cohen, Minnie, 1939, 104  pgs. 
7.  Gravestone inscriptions of Columbia County, New York, New York,: Cohen, Minnie, 1936, 290  pgs. 
8.  Cemetery records of Old Orchard Cemetery, Hillsdale, Columbia County, N.Y. : typescript, 1934, Wiles, Harriett M. 8  pgs. Typescript (copy); includes cemetery records from Old Orchard Cemetery and North Hillsdale Cemetery.
9.  Gravestone inscriptions of the Esselstyne Farm on road from Martindale to Harlemville, Harlemville Methodist Cemetery, Harlemville, St. Peter's Methodist Cemetery, Spencertown, Red Rock Rural Cemetery, Red Rock, Canaan, Park and Jenkins family cemetery, Canaan, Jones Farm, Jenkins family cemetery, Canaan, New Concord Cemetery, New Concord, Austerlitz Cemetery, Austerlitz, Green River Cemetery, Green River, Craryville Cemetery, leading from Reformed Dutch Church, Craryville, Presbyterian Cemetery, Craryville, West Taghkanic Methodist Cemetery, West Taghkanic, Old Williams Cemetery, on road between Hillsdale and Copake : all in Columbia County, N.Y. New York,: Cohen, Minnie, 1939, 128  pgs. 
10.  Inscriptions from graveyards in the northern part of Columbia County, New York, in the vicinity of Chatham, New Britain, Malden Bridge, etc.  Phillips, Ralph David, 1936, 38  pgs. 
11.  Gravestone inscriptions of the cemetery adjoining the Reformed Church of Linlithgo, town of Livingston : Livingston Cemetery, opposite the Reformed Dutch Church, Livingston : Linlithgo Village Cemetery, situated on the dirt road from Livingston to Linlithgo : cemetery attached to the Livingston Memorial Chapel of the Reformed Church of Linlithgo : all in Columbia County, N.Y.  Cohen, Minnie 1941, 43  pgs. 
CD 2, "Genealogy and History of DUTCHESS, New York"
Contents - 6 Searchable Text as described
1.  First federal census of all Dutchess County, New York : comprising 12 towns, Amenia, Beekman, Clinton, Fishkill, Frederickstown, Northeast, Pawling, Philipstown, Poughkeepsie, Rhinebeck, Southeast, Washington Philadelphia, Pa.: Bertram Press, 1938,  Brownell, Elijah Ellsworth 123  pgs.
2.  Inscriptions from Quaker burying grounds with notes : Purchase, West Chester Co., Chappaqua, West Chester Co., Pawling, Dutchess Co., (Quaker Hill), Bethel, Dutchess Co., index Mt. Vernon, N.Y.,: Spies, Francis F., 1923, 141  pgs. 
3.  Abstracts of wills of Dutchess County, New York New York: Cowen, Minnie, 1939-1944, 901  pgs. 
4.  Some of the oldest in the rural cemetery-Fishkill, Dutchess Co., N.Y. Horton, William P. 1920, 12  pgs. 
5.  Inscriptions from church-yard of St. Peter's Lutheran Church ("Old Stone Church"), Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, N.Y. : (copied August, 1906) (new part). Rhinebeck, N.Y.,: Clizbee, Azalea, 1906, 23  pgs. 
6.  Dutchess County, New York cemeteries Brooklyn, N.Y.,: Eardeley, William Applebie, 1916-1917, 364  pgs. 
CD 3, "Genealogy and History of ORANGE, New York"
Contents - 7 Searchable Text as described
1.  Graveyard inscriptions of Orange County, N.Y. : Volumes 1-4 New York,: Gertrude A. Barber, 1930, 437  pgs.
2. The History of Orange County, New York:   Middletown, N.Y., Van Deusen and Elms, 1908, 1134  pgs.
3.  An outline history of Orange County : with an enumeration of the names of its towns, villages, rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds, mountains, hills and other known localities, and their etymologies or historical reasons therefor,  together with local traditions and short biographical sketches of early settlers, etc. Newburgh N.Y.: S.T. Callahan, 1846-7, Eager, Samuel W., 654  pgs.
4. Index to Eager's history of Orange County, New York: (ABOVE) Rutland, Vt. Tuttle Pub. Co., c1940, Estabrook, Lillian O., 47  pgs.
5.  Portrait and biographical record of Orange County, New York : containing portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county : together with biographies and portraits of all the presidents of the United States. New York: Chapman Pub. Co., 1895, 1534  pgs. 
6.  Orange County patriot : a newspaper published at Goshen, N.Y. : marriages and deaths from May 1828 to Dec. 1831 Gertrude A. Barber, 1935, 42  pgs.
7.  St. James Protestant Episcopal Church records : Goshen, Orange County, New York  Gertrude A. Barber, 1932, 99  pgs.
CD 4, "Genealogy and History of PUTNAM, New York"
Contents - 5 Searchable Text as described
1.  History of Putnam County, New York : with biographical sketches of its prominent men Philadelphia: W.W. Preston & Co., 1886, Pelletreau, William S,  897  pgs.
2.  The history of Putnam County, N.Y. : with an enumeration of its towns, villages, rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds, mountains, hills, and geological features, local traditions, and short biographical sketches of early settlers, etc. New York: Baker & Scribner, 1849,  Blake, William J., 360  pgs.
3.  Cemetery inscriptions of Putnam County, N.Y. : including the towns of Adams Corners, Carmel, Cold Spring, Doansburg, Farmers Mills, Fredericksburg, Hortontown, Kent, Kent Cliffs, Lake Mahopac, Lake Oscawana, Ludington, Mahopac Falls, Meads Corners, Mekeels Corners, Milltown, Patterson, Secords Corners, Tilley Foster, Towners Corners, and Union Valley Peekskill, N.Y.:Horton, William P., 1928, 268  pgs.
4.  Putnam County, New York cemeteries. : 1794-1914 Brooklyn, N.Y.,: Eardeley, William Applebie, 1917, 75  pgs.
5.  Records of early settlers of Putnam County and Cortlandt Manor, New York, Haacker, Frederick C., 1954, 50  pgs.
CD 5, "Genealogy and History of ROCKLAND, New York"
Contents - 5 Searchable Text as described
1.  Abstracts of wills of Rockland County, New York : copied from the original records at the Surrogate's Office, New City, Rockland County, N.Y. Barber, Gertrude A. 1950-1953, 273  pgs. 
2.  Rockland County almanac and year book, 1934 : most complete fact book ever compiled about Rockland County, New York. Rockland County, N.Y., 1934, 116  pgs. 
3.  Abstracts of wills of Rockland County, New York, 1786-1845 New York,: Cowen, Minnie, 1937-1939, 209  pgs. 
4.  Reformed Dutch Church, Clarkstown, Rockland County, New York, Barber, Gertrude A. , 1927, 90  pgs. 
5.  The history of Rockland County New York: A.S. Barnes & Co., 1886, Green, Frank Bertangue, 452  pgs.
CD 6, "Genealogy and History of WESTCHESTER, New York"
Contents - 8 Searchable Text as described
1.  Early wills of Westchester County, New York : from 1664 to 1784 : a careful abstract of all wills (nearly 800) recorded in New York Surrogate's Office and at White Plains, N.Y. from 1664 to 1784 : also the genealogy of "the Havilands" of Westchester County and descendants of Hon. James Graham (Watkinson and Ackerley families) : with genealogical and historical notes New York: F.P. Harper, Pelletreau, William S. 1898, 501  pgs. -  Wills of early residents of Westchester Co., N. Y., 1664-1784, Abstract of wills and genealogical notes,   Index of wills,  Index of letters of administration 
2.  Purchase, Westchester Co., N.Y. : tombstone inscriptions in the Quaker burying ground and minutes of monthly meetings, etc. : with genealogical notes
3.  Purchase, Westchester County, New York, monthly meeting of Friends : intentions of marriage, 1726-1850 / [transcribed by] William Applebie Eardeley.
4.  Amawalk, Westchester County, New York, Friends Monthly Meeting records : births, marriages and deaths, 1724-1908 Brooklyn, N.Y, 1914, 60  pgs.
5.  Cemetery inscriptions of Westchester County, N.Y. :   William P. Horton, City of Publication: Peekskill, N.Y., Publisher:   unknown Date: 1928, 526 pages
6.  Biographical history of Westchester County, New York: Chicago, Lewis Pub. Co., 1899, 1163  pgs. Volumes 1 and 2. - Includes index.
7.  Manual of Westchester County : past and present : civil list to date, 1898 : containing specially prepared articles relative to the county, written by distinguished residents: matters concerning the county's history : organization of towns, villages and cities; population as shown by the various census enumerations, with other statistics and general facts of interest and value : names and addresses of present officials in county, towns, cities and villages, together with a complete list of lawyers practicing in the several localities : also, containing the portraits and biograhies of distinguished men connected with the county's early history, as well as of prominent officials of the present time. White Plains, N.Y.: H.T. Smith, 1898, 403  pgs. 
8.  Gopsill's Westchester County directory : containing a general directory of names in the towns of Peekskill, Sing Sing, Tarrytown, White Plains & Yonkers : together with a business directory of the whole county : also, a list of farmers, banks, insurance companies, incorporated companies, county and town officers, churches and clergymen, fire department, public schools, and much other useful information Jersey City, N.J.: J. Gopsill, Costa, J. 1866, 309  pgs.

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