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Genealogy and History of the State of Kansas

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15 Complete Searchable Publications on one CD
1.  History of Emporia and Lyon County Emporia, Kansas.: Emporia Gazette Print, 1929, Laura M. French, 308  pgs.  
2.  History of Labette County, Kansas, and representative citizens: Chicago, Ill. Biographical Pub. Co., 1901, Nelson Case, 823  pgs.
3.  The story of Council Grove on the Santa Fe Trail, 1921, Lalla Maloy Brigham, 169  pgs.          
4.  History of Cherokee County, Kansas and representative citizens: Chicago, Ill.: Biographical Pub. Co., 1904, Nathaniel Thompson Allison, 630  pgs.          
5.  History of Atchison County, Kansas: Lawrence, Kan., Standard Pub. Co., 1916, Sheffield Ingalls, 940  pgs.        
6.  Doniphan County, Kansas, history and directory for 1868-9 : containing the state constitution, a concise history of Kansas, also of Doniphan County, and sketches of each village in the county, citizens' and business directory, revenue and postal information, legal forms, etc., etc,: Smith, Vaughan & Co., 1868, 400  pgs.          
7.  History of Allen and Woodson Counties, Kansas : illustrated : embellished with portraits of well known people of these counties, with biographies of our representative citizens, cuts of public buildings and a map of each county Iola, Kan.: Iola Register, 1901, Wallace L. Duncan, 940  pgs.           
8.  A history of Republic County, Kansas : embracing a full and complete account of all the leading events in its history, from its first settlement down to June 1, '01, including Indian depredations and the hardships endured by the pioneer settlers : also the topography of the county, including soil, climate, timber, streams, water power, coal, salt, etc., etc. : statistics, showing increase in wealth and population, railroads, churches, schools, news papers [sic], secret societies, etc., and other valuable information never before published Beloit, Kan.: Jones & Chubbic, art printers, 1901, I. O. Savage .358  pgs.          
9.  History of Wichita and Sedgwick County, Kansas : past and present, including an account of the cities, towns and villages of the county Chicago: C.F. Cooper & Co., 1910, 963  pgs.              
10.  Old settlers' tales : historical and biographical sketches of the early settlement and settlers of northeastern Pottawatomie and southwestern Nemaha Counties, Kansas, from earliest settlement to the year 1877, Onaga, Kan.: Onaga Republican, 1902, F. F. Crevecoeur, 163  pgs.          
11.  History of Leavenworth County, Kansas: Topeka, Kan.: Historical Pub. Co., 1921, Jesse A. Hall, 639  pgs.       
12.  A Twentieth century history and biographical record of Crawford County, Kansas: Chicago, Lewis Pub. Co., 1905, 665  pgs.       
13.  History and statistics of Brown County, Kansas : from its earliest settlement to the present time, embracing incidents and hardships of pioneer life, the rise and progress made in twenty-two years, location, resources, fertility of its soil, etc., etc. Hiawatha, Kan.: Kansas Herald Book, News, and Job Office, 1876, E. N. Morrill, 81  pgs.         
14.  Biographical history of Cloud County, Kansas : biographies of representative citizens, 1903, E. F. Hollibaugh, 915  pgs.         
15.  Official military history of Kansas regiments : during the War for the Suppression of the Great Rebellion, Leavenworth: W.S. Burke, 1870, 467  pgs.

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