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North Carolina Wills, Pensions, Records and Muster Rolls

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Contents - 17 Complete Searchable Text as described
1. North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register (Vol. I, No. 1 through Vol. III, No. 3: 11 issues in an Indexed, searchable pdf ); compiled and edited between 1900 and 1903 by James Hathaway this is now regarded as the supreme collection of genealogical source records on the Old Albemarle region of North Carolina. Originally issued quarterly in eleven numbers of 160 pages each. The North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register sought to provide abstracts of every item relating to the personal as well as the public history of the counties of the region. The goal was very nearly realized by the time of the author's dealt in 1903 referencing no fewer than 50,000 North Carolina settlers: abstracts of land grants, court records, conveyances, births, deaths, marriages, wills, petitions, military records (including a list of North Carolina Officers and Soldiers of the Continental Line, 1775-1782), licenses, and oaths as well as dozens of articles of a miscellaneous nature, several family sketches. The abstracts derive from records now located in the state archives and from the public records of the following present-day counties of the Old Albemarle region: Beaufort, Bertie, Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Dare, Gates, Halifax, Hyde, Martin, Northampton, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Tyrrell, and Washington, and the Virginia counties of Surry and Isle of Wight. 1,760 Pages
2. Ray's index and digest to Hathaway's North Carolina historical and genealogical register (above) : with genealogical notes and annotations Austin, Tex.: W.S. Ray, 1945, Ray, Worth S., Sondley, F. A., 196 pgs - a subject and name index to the Register, Ray's Index and Digest as well as a compendium of information in its own right, providing new as well as extended family data, citations to other published authorities, and copious notes and explorations.
3. Abstracts of wills recorded in Orange County, North Carolina, 1752-1800 : and (202 marriages not shown in the Orange County marriage bonds) and Abstracts of wills recorded in Orange County, North Carolina, 1800-1850 Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1972, Shields, Ruth Herndon, 446 pgs.

4. "Grimes" Abstract of North Carolina Wills, 1663-1760: abstracts of every will found in the office of the Secretary of State of North Carolina. While it covers the period 1663 to 1760, it does contain a few later wills. The work is arranged alphabetically according to the name of the testator. The abstracts give the name of the testator, place of residence, names of wife, children, legatees, witnesses, and probate officers, Grimes, J. Bryan, Secretary of State, Raleigh, North Carolina, 1910, 670 Pages

5. An abstract of North Carolina wills from about 1760 to about 1800 : supplementing Grimes' Abstract of North Carolina wills, 1663 to 1760 Oxford, N.C.: "The Orphan's Friend,", 1925, Olds, Fred A., 325 pgs.
6. North Carolina wills and inventories : copied near original and recorded wills and inventories in the office of the secretary of state Raleigh, N.C: Edwards & Broughton Print. Co., 1912, 584 pgs.
7. Abstract of pensions of North Carolina soldiers of the Revolution, War of 1812 and Indian Wars: Washington, D.C., Burns, Annie Walker, 563 pgs.
8. Marriage records of Duplin County, North Carolina Seat: Pleasant, Md., 1936, Burns, Annie Walker, 59 pgs.
9. Tombstone records Stanly County, North Carolina: Albemarle, N.C. Albemarle, N.C.: M. Johnston, 1968, Shaver, David Kirk, 357 pgs.
10. Roster of North Carolina troops in the war between the states - 4 Volumes in searchable pdf format: Raleigh, N.C.,: Ash and Gatling, 1882, 2543 pgs. (Sold alone elsewhere on CD for over $30)

Sections include:
Vol. I. Executive and staff officers
Vol. I. General officers
Vol. I. First Regiment--Infantry
Vol. I. Second Regiment--Infantry
Vol. I. Third Regiment--Infantry
Vol. I. Fourth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. I. Fifth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. I. Sixth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. I. Seventh Regiment--Infantry
Vol. I. Eighth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. I. Ninth Regiment--Cavalry
Vol. I. Tenth Regiment--Artillery
Vol. I. Eleventh Regiment--Infantry
Vol. I. Bethel Regiment--Infantry
Vol. I. Twelfth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. I. Thirteenth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. I. Fourteenth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. I. Fifteenth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Sixteenth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Sevententh Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Eighteenth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Nineteenth Regiment--Cavalry
Vol. II. Twentieth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Twenty-first Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Twenty-second Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Twenty-third Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Twenty-fourth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Twenty-fifth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Twenty-sixth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Twenty-seventh Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Twenty-eighth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Twenty-ninth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Thirtieth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Thirty-first Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Thirty-second Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Thirty-third Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Thirty-fourth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Thirty-fifth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. II. Thirty-sixth Regiment--Artillery
Vol. III. Thirty-seventh Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Thirty-eighth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Thirty-ninth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Fortieth Regiment--Artillery
Vol. III. Forty-first Regiment--Cavalry
Vol. III. Forty-second Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Forty-third Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Forty-fourth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Forty-fifth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Forty-sixth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Forty-seventh Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Forty-eighth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Forty-ninth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Fiftieth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Fifty-first Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Fifty-second Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Fifty-third Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Fifty-fourth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Fifty-fifth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Fifty-sixth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Fifty-seventh Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Fifty-eighth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Fifty-ninth Regiment--Cavalry
Vol. III. Sixtieth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Sixty-first Regiment--Infantry
Vol. III. Sixty-second Regiment--Infantry
Vol. IV. General officers--Lieutenant-generals
Vol. IV. General officers--Major generals
Vol. IV. General officers--Brigadier generals
Vol. IV. Staff officers
Vol. IV. Brigading of Regiments
Vol. IV. Sixty-third Regiment--Cavalry
Vol. IV. Sixty-fourth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. IV. Sixty-fifth Regiment--Cavalry
Vol. IV. Sixty-sixth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. IV. Sixty-seventh Regiment--Infantry
Vol. IV. Sixty-eighth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. IV. Sixty-ninth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. IV. First Battalion--Sharp shooters
Vol. IV. First Battalion--Artillery
Vol. IV. Cavalry Battalion--Thomas' Legion
Vol. IV. Second Battalion--Infantry
Vol. IV. Third Battalion--Light artillery
Vol. IV. Fourth Battalion--Cavalry
Vol. IV. Fifth Battalion--Light artillery
Vol. IV. Sixth Battalion--Armory guard
Vol. IV. Seventh Battalion--Infantry
Vol. IV. Seventieth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. IV. Seventy-first Regiment--Infantry
Vol. IV. Seventy-second Regiment--Infantry
Vol. IV. Seventy-third Regiment--Infantry
Vol. IV. Seventy-fourth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. IV. Eighth Battalion--Heavy artillery
Vol. IV. Seventy-fifth Regiment--Cavalry
Vol. IV. Ninth Battalion--Infantry
Vol. IV. Tenth Battalion--Infantry
Vol. IV. Eleventh Battalion--Cavalry
Vol. IV. Twelfth Battalion--Cavalry
Vol. IV. Thirteenth Battalion--Cavalry
Vol. IV. Sixtieth Regiment--Infantry
Vol. IV. Confederate States Navy
Vol. IV. Fourteenth Battalion--Cavalry
Vol. IV. Fifteenth Battalion--Cavalry
Vol. IV. Officers employed on conscript duty in NC
Vol. IV. Recapitulation
11. Tombstone records of St. John's Lutheran Graveyard, Cabarrus County, North Carolina from the 18th century to June, 1936 ; Blackwelder, Ruth, 16 pgs.
12. List of interments in Salem Moravian (North Carolina) grave yard: Winston-Salem, N.C.: D.A.R, 1936, 69 pgs.
13. Roster of the North Carolina volunteers in the Spanish-American War, 1898-1899: Raleigh, N.C.: Edwards & Broughton and E.M. Uzzell, 1900, 131 pgs.
14. Muster rolls of the soldiers of the War of 1812 : detached from the Militia of North Carolina in 1812 and 1814 Raleigh, N.C.: C.C. Raboteau, 1851, 142 pgs.
15. Roster of soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution : with an appendix containing a collection of miscellaneous records: The D.A.R., 1932, 721 pgs.
16. Marriage and death notices in Raleigh register and North Carolina State gazette, 1846-1893: Raleigh, North Carolina, 1948, 522 pgs.
17. The Catawba soldier of the Civil War : a sketch of every soldier from Catawba County, North Carolina, with a biographical sketch, and reminiscence of many of them, together with a sketch of Catawba County from 1860 to 1911, Hickory, N.C.: Clay Print. Co., 1911, 394 pgs

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