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New York during the American Revolution as Colony and State
13 Historical Publications

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13 Complete Searchable Publications on one CD
1.  Heroes of the American Revolution : The heroes of the American Revolution and their descendants : Battle of Long Island,  Henry Whittemore,  Brooklyn,  Heroes of the Revolution Pub. Co.,  1897-1899
2.  Records of families allied with Long Island as documented by the DAR - Records for families allied with Long Island, as documented by the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Provides helpful information for tracing the female lineage.  Information frequently found in these listings includes names of family members and those related by marriage--parents, spouses, siblings, and "in-laws"; names of "notable" relatives and acquaintances; military and political service of (usually) male ancestors; and information that can provide helpful clues to overcoming some of the most resistant of brick walls. Includes volume and page number, DAR ID number. 680+ pgs
3.  Register of the Empire State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution : containing an account of the origin of the Sons of the American Revolution, an explanation of the existence of two different organizations with similar names and objects, and a history of the movements for their union : the constitution and by-laws of the Empire State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution : lists of the national, state and chapter officers : roll of members, with personal data and genealogies : roll of Revolutionary ancestors, with record of their services : pages for an amplified family record : and illustrations. New York: The Society, 1899, 620  pgs. 
4.  New York in the Revolution as colony and state: Albany, N.Y., 1904, 902  pgs. 
5.  New York during the Revolution : mounted clippings from the New York Mercury, June 6, 1858-October 24, 1858 New York,: Patten, James Alexander, 1858, 145  pgs. 
6.  New York City during the American Revolution : being a collection of original papers  from manuscripts in the possession of the Mercantile Library Association of New York City. New York: Priv. print for the Association, 1861, 197  pgs.       
7.  History of New Amsterdam, or, New York as it was in the days of the Dutch governors : together with papers on events connected with the American revolution, and on Philadelphia in the times of William Penn New York: R.T. Young, 1854, Davis, A., 248  pgs. 
8.  The Sons of the American Revolution, New York State Society : 1893-94 New York: Republic Press, in the 118th year of the independence of the United States i.e. 1894, 283  pgs. 
9.  Soldiers of the American Revolution : who at one time were residents of, or whose graves are located in Chautauqua County, New York, 1925, 88  pgs. 
10.  Supplement to soldiers of the American Revolution, Chautauqua County, New York : published by the D.A.R. 1925 Westfield, N.Y.:  Lamb, Frank B. , 1936, 5  pgs.  
11.  The story of old Saratoga : the Burgoyne campaign, to which is added New York's share in the revolution Albany, N.Y.: Fort Orange Press :, 1919, Brandow, John Henry, 568  pgs.  
12.  Westchester County, New York during the American Revolution New York:  Dawson, Henry B. , 1886, 294  pgs. 
13.  Fifty years' reminiscences of New York, or, Flowers from the garden of Laurie Todd : being a collection of fugitive pieces which appeared in the newspapers and periodicals of the day for the last thirty years : including tales of the Sugar-House (prison) in Liberty Street, the yellow-fever in New York, from 1798 to 1822, traditions and anecdotes of the War of the Revolution, New York: D. Fanshaw, 1845, Thorburn, Grant, 285  pgs. 

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