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History of Pennsylvania Volunteers
Bates History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers 1861-1865, Volumes 1 through 5

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  A Searchable PDF Publication on CD
History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers 1861-1865, Volumes 1 through 5 : Volume 1 has two color frontis illustrations, Volume 2 has one, and the other volumes have one black and white frontis each. Volume 1 has an additional folding map after the preface. All maps and Sketches are full size and in color as presented in the original volumes.
The main body of the volumes consists of lists of the volunteers arranged by unit with details; name, date of muster and other salient information. Without doubt, a striking five-volume set and a important contribution to the literature of the American Civil War.
Bates History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers is the most comprehensive set of volumes ever created on the men from Pennsylvania who served in the Civil War. If you have an ancestor who served in PA in this time period, you will find him here. Each regiment listing includes a history of the unit broken down into individual companies and soldiers. Information includes name, rank, date of muster into service, length of service, and remarks that can include discharge date, transfers, desertions, promotions with date, death date and place, burial date and place, and many other tidbits valuable to the genealogical researcher. Also includes all colored regiments.

These disks contain images of every page of the original five volumes of one of the most valuable genealogy resources available. Reprints of these books will cost hundreds of dollars and the complete set (if found available) much more. In contrast, the CD version weighs one-half ounce, is easier to search and is available for a far more affordable price.
Just two of the wonderful Illustrations included in this set
Just click on the thumbnail below to view the full image

Map of the Gettysburg Battle Field
Showing the positions Held by Pennsylvania troops
Founded on Colonel John B. Bachelder's complete Drawing Room Map

Map of the Battle of Chancellorsville VA
showing position of the troops on the evening of May 2nd 1863
and likewise the Final Position

    The following Regiments are included in these volumes:
    Regimental Index Volume 1
    • First Five Companies
    • 1st Regiment
    • 2nd Regiment
    • 3rd Regiment
    • 4th Regiment
    • 5th Regiment
    • 6th Regiment
    • 7th Regiment
    • 8th Regiment
    • 9th Regiment
    • 10th Regiment
    • 11th Regiment
    • 12th Regiment
    • 13th Regiment
    • 14th Regiment
    • 15th Regiment
    • 16th Regiment
    • 17th Regiment
    • 18th Regiment
    • 19th Regiment
    • 20th Regiment
    • 21st Regiment
    • 22nd Regiment
    • 23rd Regiment
    • 24th Regiment
    • 25th Regiment
    • The Erie Regiment
    • Philadelphia City Troop
    • 26th Regiment
    • 27th Regiment
    • 28th Regiment
    • 29th Regiment
    • Introductory Note to the Reserve Corps
    • 30th Regiment
    • 31st Regiment
    • 32nd Regiment
    • 33rd Regiment
    • 34th Regiment
    • 35th Regiment
    • 36th Regiment
    • 37th Regiment
    • 38th Regiment
    • 39th Regiment
    • 40th Regiment
    • 41st Regiment
    • 42nd Regiment
    • 43rd Regiment
    • 44th Regiment
    • 45th Regiment
    • 46th Regiment
    • 47th Regiment
    • 48th Regiment
    • 49th Regiment
    • 50th Regiment

    Regimental Index Volume 2
    • 51st Regiment
    • 52nd Regiment
    • 53rd Regiment
    • 54th Regiment
    • 55th Regiment
    • 56th Regiment
    • 57th Regiment
    • 58th Regiment
    • 59th Regiment
    • 60th Regiment
    • 61st Regiment
    • 62nd Regiment
    • 63rd Regiment
    • 64th Regiment
    • 65th Regiment
    • 66th Regiment
    • 67th Regiment
    • 68th Regiment
    • 69th Regiment
    • 70th Regiment
    • 71st Regiment
    • 72nd Regiment
    • 73rd Regiment
    • 74th Regiment
    • 75th Regiment
    • 76th Regiment
    • 77th Regiment
    • 78th Regiment
    • 79th Regiment
    • 80th Regiment
    • 81st Regiment
    • 82nd Regiment
    • 83rd Regiment
    • 84th Regiment

    Regimental Index for Volume 3
    • 85th Regiment
    • 87th Regiment
    • 88th Regiment
    • 89th Regiment
    • 90th Regiment
    • 91st Regiment
    • 92nd Regiment
    • 93rd Regiment
    • 95th Regiment
    • 96th Regiment
    • 97th Regiment
    • 98th Regiment
    • 99th Regiment
    • 100th Regiment
    • 101st Regiment
    • 102nd Regiment
    • 103rd Regiment
    • 104th Regiment
    • 105th Regiment
    • 106th Regiment
    • 107th Regiment
    • 108th Regiment
    • 109th Regiment
    • 110th Regiment
    • 111th Regiment
    • 112th Regiment
    • 113th Regiment
    • 114th Regiment
    • 115th Regiment
    • 116th Regiment
    • 117th Regiment
    • 118th Regiment

    Regimental Index for Volume 4
    • 119th Regiment
    • 121st Regiment
    • 122nd Regiment
    • 123rd Regiment
    • 124th Regiment
    • 125th Regiment
    • 126th Regiment
    • 127th Regiment
    • 128th Regiment
    • 129th Regiment
    • 130th Regiment
    • 131st Regiment
    • 132nd Regiment
    • 133rd Regiment
    • 134th Regiment
    • 135th Regiment
    • 136th Regiment
    • 137th Regiment
    • 138th Regiment
    • 139th Regiment
    • 140th Regiment
    • 141st Regiment
    • 142nd Regiment
    • 143rd Regiment
    • 145th Regiment
    • 147th Regiment
    • 148th Regiment
    • 149th Regiment
    • 150th Regiment
    • 151st Regiment
    • 152nd Regiment
    • 153rd Regiment
    • 154th Regiment
    • 155th Regiment
    • 157th Regiment
    • 158th Regiment
    • 159th Regiment
    • 160th Regiment
    • 161st Regiment
    • 162nd Regiment
    • 163rd Regiment
    • 165th Regiment
    • 166th Regiment
    • 167th Regiment
    • 168th Regiment
    • 169th Regiment
    • 171st Regiment
    • 172nd Regiment
    • 173rd Regiment
    • 174th Regiment
    • 175th Regiment
    • 176th Regiment
    • 177th Regiment
    • 178th Regiment
    • 179th Regiment

    Regimental Index for Volume 5
    • 180th Regiment
    • 181st Regiment
    • 182nd Regiment
    • 183rd Regiment
    • 184th Regiment
    • 185th Regiment
    • 186th Regiment
    • 187th Regiment
    • 188th Regiment
    • 190th Regiment
    • 191st Regiment
    • 192nd Regiment
    • 193rd Regiment
    • 194th Regiment
    • 195th Regiment
    • 196th Regiment
    • 197th Regiment
    • 198th Regiment
    • 199th Regiment
    • 200th Regiment
    • 201st Regiment
    • 202nd Regiment
    • 203rd Regiment
    • 204th Regiment
    • 205th Regiment
    • 206th Regiment
    • 207th Regiment
    • 208th Regiment
    • 209th Regiment
    • 210th Regiment
    • 211th Regiment
    • 212th Regiment
    • 213th Regiment
    • 214th Regiment
    • 215th Regiment
    • Independent Battery A
    • Independent Battery B
    • Independent Battery C
    • Independent Battery D
    • Independent Battery E
    • Independent Battery F
    • Independent Battery G
    • Independent Battery H
    • Independent Battery I
    • Independent Company C
    • 3rd US Colored Regiment
    • 6th US Colored Regiment
    • 8th US Colored Regiment
    • 22nd US Colored Regiment
    • 24th US Colored Regiment
    • 32nd US Colored Regiment
    • 41st US Colored Regiment
    • 43rd US Colored Regiment
    • 45th US Colored Regiment
    • 127th US Colored Regiment

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