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Personal Stories and Histories of America's Woman Pioneers

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6 Complete Searchable Publications on one CD
1.  A woman's story of pioneer Illinois: First published privately with title: "Reminiscences of early life in Illinois by our mother," Includes index, Chicago, Lakeside Press, R.R. Donnelley & Sons, 1919, Tillson, Christiana Holmes, 190 pgs.
2.  Pioneer mothers of the West, or, Daring and heroic deeds of American women, Ohio River ValleyBoston : Lee and Shepard, 1869 363 pgs.
3.  Historic Paxton, her days and her ways, 1722-1913: Paxtang Presbyterian Church (Dauphin County, Pa.) Women's Aid Society, family recipes contributed by the Woman's Aid Society of Paxton Church Harrisburg, Pa.: Priv. print., 1913, Wallace, Helen Bruce, 255 pgs.
4.  Life of a woman pioneer: as illustrated in the life of Elsie Strawn Armstrong, 1789-1871: Part 1, Her personal history taken from a volume of rhymes composed by her, Part 2, Short accounts of important events in pioneer times in which her sons took an important part.Chicago, Ill.,  Armstrong, James E., 1931, 135 pgs.
5. Military and genealogical records of the famous Indian woman, Nancy Ward: "The book features her uncle, Attacullaculla, and her son-in-law, General Joseph Martin, and wife, Betty (Ward) Martin." Includes bibliographical references and index. Washington, D.C.: Burns, Annie Walker, 292 pgs...
6.  The Maumee Valley (Maumee River Valley Indiana and Ohio) Woman's part in pioneer home life: Toledo, Ohio: Andrews-Jones Printing Co., 1895, 73 pgs.

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