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Genealogy and History of the Family SKIDMORE

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A genealogical and biographical record of the pioneer Thomas Skidmore [Scudamore] : of the Massachusetts and Connecticut colonies in New England and of Huntington, Long Island, and of his descendants through the branches herein set forth, including other related branches of the Skidmore family with historical sketches of places where the several branches settled and of events in which representative members participated,  Emily Carrie Hawley, Brookfield Center, Conn.: Hawley, 1911, 502  pgs
Chapter I. The origin of the name Skidmore
Chapter II. English antecedents
Chapter III. Thomas Skidmore, the pioneer
Chapter IV. The children of Thomas Skidmore, the pioneer
Chapter V. Sketch of Huntington, Suffolk county, Long Island
Chapter VI. 3John Skidmore, Sr., of Huntington, L. I. Grandson of 1Thomas
Chapter VII. 1Joseph Skidmore (Scidmore) of Huntington, L. I.
Chapter VIII. Captain Joel Skidmore (Scidmore) of Northport, L. I., and his brother Platt Skidmore
Chapter IX. John Skidmore, Jr., of Smithtown, L. I., and his descendants 
Chapter X. Captain Hubbard Skidmore of New York City and his descendants
Chapter XI. Zophar Scidmore, Jr., and family
Chapter XII. Samuel, Solomon and Richard Skimore, sons of Zophar Skidmore, Sr
Chapter XIII. Historical sketch of early days in New York City
Chapter XIV. Thomas Skidmore of Huntington, son of John, Sr., and great-grandson of Thomas I
Chapter XV. Richard Skidmore of Southold and Huntington, L. I.--1658 
Chapter XVI. John Skidmore of Southold, L. I.
Chapter XVII. Historical sketch of Stratford, Conn 
Chapter XVIII. John Skidmore of Stratford, Connecticut (Grandson of Thomas Skidmore, the pioneer), founder of the Connecticut branch and his descendants
Chapter XIX. Lieut. Thomas Skidmore of Newton, Connecticut and his descendants (son of John Skidmore, of Stratford, Conn.)

Chapter XX. Sketch of Newtown, Fairfield County, Conn
Chapter XXI. Nehemiah Skidmore of Newton, Conn., son of Lieut, Thomas Skidmore, and his children
Chpater XXII. Lemuel Skidmore ( Son of Nehemiah Skidmore) of New York City, and his family
Chapter XXIII. Amos Skidmore (son of Nehemiah) of Newtown, Conn., and his family
Chapter XXIV. Wheeler Skidmore of Brookfield, Conn., and his family
Chapter XXV. James Blackman Skidmore of Newtown, Conn., brother of Wheeler, Rufus and Hannah Skidmore
Chapter XXVI. Hannah A. Skidmore ( Mrs. Philo Baldwin of Leraysville, Pa.) 
Chapter XXVII. Rufus Skidmore of Brookfield, Conn., Obtuse district
Chapter XXVIII. Jedidah Skidmore, daughter of Lieut. Thomas Skidmore
Chapter XXIX. John Skidmore of Newtown, Conn. (son of Lieut. Thomas Skidmore, Sr.)
Chapter XXX. Abel Skidmore of Newtown, Conn. (son of John Skidmore), and his family 
Chapter XXXI. Lieut. Thomas Skidmore, Jr. (son of Lieut. Thomas Skidmore of Newtown, Conn,)
Chapter XXXII. Mary and Comfort Skidmore, daughters of Lieut. Thomas Skidmore, Sr 
Chapter XXXIII. Samuel Skidmore of Jamaica, L. I. (son of John Skidmore of Jamaica and grandson of Thomas Skidmore, the pioneer) and his descendants
Chapter XXXIV. John Skidmore (son of Samuel and great-grandson of Thomas) os Hempstead, L. I., and his descendants

Chapter XXXV. Major John J. Skidmore of Jamaica, L. I
Chapter XXXVI. Luther Mitchell Skidmore of Morris, New York
Chapter XXXVII. Michael Skidmore of Jamaica, L. I 
Chapter XXXVIII. Samuel Skidmore ( great-grandson of Thomas I of Flushing, L. I., and his descendants
Chapter XXXIX. Joseph Skidmore (son of Samuel, and great-grandson of Thomas I) of Hempstead, L. I., and his descendants
Chapter XL. Jeremiah Skidmore of New York City and his descendants
Chapter XLI. The Skidmore Family in West Virginia, Kansas, Texas, Illinois, California, and Oklahoma
Chapter XLII. Certain families related by marriage to the Skidmores
Chapter XLIII. Addendum. Pastors of the oldest church in the United States
Chapter XLIV. Record Of Elizabeth Skidmore ( Mrs. Fordham Smith) of Smithtown, L. I., and of her daughter, Mary Smith ( Mrs. Henry Davis) of Stony Brook, L. I., and her descendants, continued from page 54
Chapter XLV. John Skidmore of Newtown, Conn., and of New York City and descendants, continued from page 172
Chapter XLVI. Peter Skidmore of Brookhaven, L. I., and his family
Chapter XLVII. Mary Ann Skidmore ( Mrs. Isaac Glover Botsford) of Roxbury, Conn., and descendents, continued from page 171
Chapter XLVIII. Record of James Skidmore of Columbus, Kansas, continued from page 234
Chapter XLIX. Additional records of the family of Samuel Skidmore of Hampstead, L. I. (son of Joseph Skidmore, Jr.), continued from page 223
Chapter L. Hubbell lineage in connection with page 155
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