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Long Island Genealogy's Ultimate Genealogy Resource CD
"Tracking Down Our Family Heritage"

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.Containing the only Long Island Specific Gedcom and resource collection available anywhere
. .nearly 200 early Long Island Surname Files Outlining multiple generations of descent from their American Progenitor
PLUS - Cemetery Records, Death Records, Wills, Baptisms, Marriage Records, Hundreds of Historical NY Maps, and piles of LI Research Text,
surname specific data and Long Island History. . .sources, references, family tales and research contacts . .
The compiled research of decades,  from thousands of Long Island family historians,  family Bibles and personal family records.
 PLUS the following Long Island Research classics!
1.  Records of the town of East-Hampton, New York, with other ancient documents of historic value.  Author: unknown Originally published in Sag-Harbor, New York, 1887-1900's  5091 pages, reproduction of the original 2.  Long Island Genealogies  by Mary Powell Bunker Families of Albertson, Andrews, Bedell, Birdsall, Bowne, Carman, Carr, Clowes, etc.  By Mary Powell Bunker.  350pp.  1895, Being Kindred Descendants of Thomas Powell, of Bethpage, L. I., 1688.
3.  Introducing Southold Town Suffolk County - Long Island - New York 1636 - 1939 The Oldest English Town in the State of New York Originally published in 1939 by Southold Town also Contains - Genealogies of the Founding Families of Southold 4.  Long Island Descendants in the DAR - Records for families allied with Long Island, as documented by the Daughters of the American Revolution Provides helpful information for tracing the female lineage. Includes volume and page number, DAR ID number. 680+ pgs
5. New York Quaker Records - New York Quaker Regional Monthly Meetings  360 pages, Flushing Quaker Monthly Meetings, Introduction to Westbury Quaker Monthly Meetings, Introduction to Jericho Quaker Monthly Meetings  6. Genealogy Of East Hampton Families - Delivered at the Celebration of the Bi-Centennial Anniversary of its Settlement in 1849, INTRODUCTIONS To the four printed volumes of its Records, with other Historic Material, an Appendix and Genealogical Notes BY HENRY P. HEDGES
7. Whitaker's Southold - Being a Substantial Reproduction of the History of Southold, LI - It's First Century by the REV. Epher Whitaker, D. D. 8.  Raynor Family History - by Clinton E. Metz Freeport Historian - Raynor and Rock Smith Information
9.  Salmon Records- Entries kept by William Salmon, a private register of marriages and deaths of residents of the Town of Southold from 1696 to 1811 10. The History of the town of Flatbush. by Thomas M. Strong, D. D. Pastor of the reformed Dutch Church of Flatbush. This History was prepared as a part of a course of Lectures by the "Flatbush Literary association," during the winter of 1841-2.
11. Amityville, Town of Babylon, Cemeteries and Bible Records - By William Appleboe Eardeley Originaslly published in 1913 12. Cemetery Records, Death Records, Wills, Baptisms, Marriage Records and 100's of Early LI Ma

Individual Long Island Surnames files on the CD - the list keeps GROWING!!

Abbott/Abit/Abet, Abrams, Adams, Almy, Areson, Arnold, Arthur, Ashman, Baldwin, Barnes, Barto (Barteau), Barton, Baxter, Bayles, Beard, Bedell, Blydenburgh, Bonham, Braddick, Bradford, Brewster, Broucard (Brokaw-Bragaw), Brown, Brush, Carman, Carpenter, Case, Carter, Cheeseman, Chichester, Clowes, Cock, Coe, Coleman, Coles, Combs, Concklyne/Conklin, Cooper, Cowperthwaite, Coryell/McPherson, Cory/Corey, Cornish, Corwin, Coutant, Crane, Crowell, Davis, Dayton, Decker, Denton, Diamond/Dimon, Dickerson, Dorsett, Doughty, Downs, Dudley, Duryea, Edwards, Flewelling, Floyd, Fogle, Frost, Fuller, Foster, Gardiner, Garrigues/Garrigus, Gildersleeve, Gird, Glover, Green/Greene, Hallock, Haight, Halsey, Hand, Haviland, Haven(s), Hawkins, Hedges, Helme, Hicks, Higby (Higbee, Higbie), Hildreth (Hyldreth), Hopping, Horton, Howell, Hulse, Hunt, Jarvis, Jackson, Jayne, Ketcham, Kelsey, King, Lane, Leek, Lee, L'Hommedieu (L'Homedieu), LLoyd, Losee, Lott, Luce, Ludlam, Ludlow, Maltby/Maltbie, Marshall, Medearis, Meserole, Miller, Morris, Mott, Mulford, Munsell, Newkirk, Nicoll/Nichols, Norton, Oakley, Ogden, Osborne, Overton, Palmer, Parshall, Pearsall, Penny, Pierson, Platt, Plumlee, Post, Pocahontas "Matoaka," Powell, Pullis, Quick, Randall, Raynor, Reeve(s), Rensselaer (Van Rensselaer), Robinson, Roe, Roosevelt, Rogers, Rudyard, Ruland/Rowland,Salmon, Sammis, Sayre, Seaman, Searing, Shepard, Skidmore, Skinner, Smith, Soper, Southard, Sprague/Spragg, Squires, Stellenwerf, Stephens/Stevens, Stringham, Stites, Strong, Hendryck Rycken (Suydam), Sweet, Sweezey, Terrell, Terry, Thomas, Thompson, Thorne, Titmus, Titus, Tooker, Topping, Townsend, Treadwell, Turner, Tuttle (Tuthill), Underhill, Valentine, Van Brunt, Vandegrift, Vanderbeek, Vanderbeeck, Van Nostrand, Van Scoy, Van Tassel, Vail, Wadham, Wagstaff, Washburne/Washburn, Weeks, Wells, Whitaker, White, Whitman, Wickes, Wiggins, Wilcox, Willets, Williams, Wines, Wilson, Wood, Woodhull, Woolley, Woolsey, Worth, Yarrington, Young, Youngs (Yonges) and additional as submitted

About Our CDs

      Many of our CDs are composed of collections of multiple texts and documents concentrating on specific regions or subject areas.  Many contain 5, 10 or more separate publications.  Each CD is truly a reference BONANZA to the home historian with thousands of pages of research information.  The age of most of these text make them inaccessible to the average researcher.  Naturally their scarcity and fragility makes them very expensive to acquire  hence often kept under lock and key in an effort to preserve them. Unfortunately this also makes them unavailable for public view. Our CDs are produced by scanning the actual pages of the original text making them not only excellent resources but archival copies available for future generations. If you could find a hard copy of any of these books it would cost hundreds of dollars - individually worth many times the cost of  a CD. The average cost of a single CD, containing our "theme or regional" based collections has been kept affordable in an effort to make this information obtainable to as many home researchers as possible.
     Our CDs have become the ultimate research tool. Having a copy on hand allows research at your leisure and your schedule while in the comfort of your home. Additionally you can still print individual or groups of pages as you need directly from your CDs.  Giving you the best of both old and new research techniques.  Unless otherwise noted most pdf Files are now searchable.  Searchable pdf files allow single or multiple file searches with one search request.
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