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The witches, astrologists, sorceresses and prophets of New York

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The witches of New York: a faithful revelation and exposition of the doings of all the principal astrologists, sorceresses, prophets, clairvoyants, witches, planet readers, and other votaries of the black art in the city of New York Philadelphia: T.B. Peterson and Bros., Doesticks, Q. K. Philander, c1858, 420  pgs.

Excerpt from Introduction
     The Witches of New York exert an influence too powerful and too wide-spread to be treated with such light regard as has been too long manifested by the community they have swindled for so many years; and it is to be desired that the day may come when they will be no longer classed with harmless mounte-banks, but with dangerous criminals.
     People, curious in advertisements, have often read the "Astrological" announcements of the newspapers, and-have turned up their critical noses at the ungrammatical style thereof and indulged the while in a sort of innocent wonder as to whether these transparent nets ever catch any gulls. These matterof fact individuals have no doubt often queried in a vague, purposeless way, if there really can in enlightened New York any considerable number of persons who have faith in charms and love-powders, and who put their trust in the prophetic infallibility
of a pack of greasy playing-cards. It may open the eyes of these innocent querists to the popularity of modern witchcraft to learn that the nineteen she-prophets who adertise in the daily journals of this city are visited every week by to average of sixteen hundred people or at the rate of more than a dozen customers a day for each one.
Chapter I. Which is merely explanatory 
Chapter II. Madame Prewster, no. 373 Bowery 
Chapter III. Madame Bruce, "The mysterious veiled lady," no. 513 Broome Street 
Chapter IV. Madame Widger, no. 3 First Avenue 
Chapter V. Mrs. Pugh, no. 102 South First Street, Williamsburgh 
Chapter VI. Madame Morrow, the Astonisher, no. 76 Broome Street 
Chapter VII. Dr. Wilson, no. 172 Delancey Street 
Chapter VIII. Mrs. Hayes, a clairvoyant, no. 176 Grand Street
Chapter IX. Mrs. Seymour, clairvoyant, no. 110 Spring Street 
Chapter X. Madame Carzo, the Brazilian astrologist, no. 151 Bowery 
Chapter XI. Madame Leander Lent, no. 163 Mulberry Street 
Chapter XII. The gipsy girl 
Chapter XIII. Madame Fleury, no. 263 Broome Street 
Chapter XIV. A black prophet, Mr. Grommer, no. 34 North Second Street, Williamsburgh 
Chapter XV. Madame Clifton, 185 Orchard Street 
Chapter XVI. Madame Harris, no. 80 West 19th Street, near Sixth Avenue 
Chapter XVII. A batch of witches 
Chapter XVIII. Conclusion 

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